Feb 20, 2022

Happy Fire Friday, 🔥

This week's newsletter will be brief and informative. :)

In a few short months, this newsletter has grown to nearly 150 subscribers. 

When I read the newsletters of guys like James Clear and Sahil Bloom, I feel a little bit of impostor syndrome... but nonetheless so thankful that I have the ear of all 131 of you. :)

Thanks for being here, and I'm happy to serve. 

I wanted to share one quick thing with you this week.

My semi-finalized summer schedule with PGC Basketball and Shooters Shoot Training/Events.

'Nuff said. Hope to see many of you at a PGC Course or at the Shooters Shoot Brand Event (more in-depth deets on the latter coming soon)!

If you're interested in having me come out for a 4-Day Intensive, please reply to this email! It's my absolute favorite way to train. It's not easy, but it's transformative. Check out some of the results here

That's all for today. There are some really freaking cool things unfolding on the Shooters Shoot Brand front. Can't wait to finalize some things and share that in the coming weeks.

Until then, stay tuned and I'll see you next Friday. 🔥

Shooters Shoot.