Shooters Shoot Training

Your job is to score.

My job is to teach you the science behind how.

Meet Our Developer

BriAnna Joy Garza | M.S., M. Ed.

BriAnna is a shooting coach, instructional designer, and mentor. BriAnna travels all around the country providing expert shot training and thoughtful feedback to athletes of all skill levels, ranging from youth to pro.

Master of Science | Sport and Performance Psychology – University of North Texas

Master of Education | Instructional Design – Baker University

The Shooters Shoot training model was inspired by BriAnna’s passion for coaching both the science and the mindset of a shooting. We all miss shots, but the best keep taking them. After all, Shooters Shoot.

I don’t want to train you once and never see you again.

I mean that. Shooting is a journey. It’s not an overnight thing.

This is why I ask for each of my trainees to commit bigger.

We won’t just have you in the gym. We’ll be breaking down film, training your mind with the latest research-backed techniques in sport psychology, and improving your confidence not just as a shooter, but as a human being.

And both of those things take time.

Ultimately, this is so much bigger than basketball. I truly believe that if you can become a great shooter, you can become great at anything.

Whether in-person, or online, my intention is based in mentorship as much as it is expert shot training.

I believe in proof of product.

You can only improve that which you measure. This is something I picked up from my time with the incredible organization, PGC Basketball.

So. We measure everything.

We set goals.

We see our numbers grow.

The confidence you’ll feel is just a byproduct of the development you’ll experience.

On average, I see novice-level shooters increase their practice percentages by ~18% in their first workout. If that sounds like a big number, that’s because it is.

What People Say

“Best shooting coach in the game. Bar none. She taught me so many new things about shooting that I never knew, and my confidence from the outside is WAY up. If my son wants to play ball when he grows up, BriAnna’s going to teach him how to shoot.”

Emma Cannon – WNBA Client – Indiana Fever

“Coach BriAnna did focused/private training and film study to increase my game IQ, play, and confidence. After two separate 4 day sessions, I was a completely different player. Coach BriAnna focused on defensive reads, shot breakdowns, contact training, and ball fakes. When I step out on the court now the game has slowed down for me. My ability to read defenders and understand the game has taken me to a new level.”

Baylee Young – EYBL

“BriAnna doesn’t just teach basketball. She taught my daughter confidence, what it means to overcome adversity, and always found a way to tell my daughter the truth in a way that challenged her but never made her feel small. Amanda is a better basketball player, and more importantly a better person after training with BriAnna. Worth every dollar spent.”

Scott Wiley – Parent

Programs and Pricing

Emma Cannon – WNBA player – Indiana Fever

Personal Training

Online Programs

No matter which option you choose, we will take a holistic approach to training. We’ll be on the court, in the classroom, and you’ll be expected to complete weekly workout assignments when you’re not in training.

If you’re not ready to commit to that, this program is not for you.