Mar 20, 2022

Happy Fire Friday 🔥,

Many of you may have read this piece before. But since the time of its original posting, this audience has nearly tripled in size. In a time when it's easy to forget the importance of the bigger things, I hope this provides you all with a well-timed reminder. 

Imagine a time when you weren’t able to work on your shot for a week. We’ve all been there. Things come up. Life gets busy. And when you get back to doing your thing, you’re just a little bit off. Maybe that one teammate you hate playing against gets in your head a little more than usual. You struggle a little bit, but everyone in the gym knows you still got it.

Okay, now imagine you don’t work on your shot for two weeks? Now you’re not just off, your reactions and your instincts are a little bit off. You’re still cooking it up and doing you (obviously)... but you definitely notice a difference. And so do your coaches and teammates.

How about three weeks? After three weeks of not working on your shot, you notice it in everything. You’re still going through the right motions... but it’s bad. And on top of everything else, you’re tired. You probably lose your cool a couple of times, and you are 1000% not the best version of yourself. So. You decide after that moment you’re gonna get back to working on your shot every day because you never want to feel like you can’t control it again.

(Go back and read that again. Replace “shot” with “happiness”.) 

The best shooters I know are kind to themselves. 

Truly, if you don’t work on it every day, there’s no way it will work for you. 

Happiness is the same way. Meditate. Take time for yourself. Find a balance between sport and the rest of your life. Protect your joy. Be Kind. Shoot more. Get Buckets.

Shooters Shoot.