Feb 5, 2023

It's currently 11:56am, and it's SNOWING in Dallas, Texas. I posted something on my Instagram Story yesterday with the temperature on it -- it was 48 degrees at 6pm yesterday.

And even though I have to wear a scarf to do so, I've set up my desk close to the window--it seems poetic.

For the past 365 days or so, I've been in what feels like a constant "transitionary period" in my life.

Like this Texas weather, my life has shifted at least 35 degrees or more overnight, honestly more times than I can count. At this point I feel very close to a 180-degree turnaround fade, nothing but net, with a wink to all the things trying to stand in my way. ;) Things that are out of my control.

I was actually reflecting last night on how pivoting has become almost a daily occurrence for me--lol I know, another basketball analogy. Cringe all you want.

But you know what pivots do?

They make you dynamic.

This newsletter is a year old today. For those of you that have been following the journey so far, some of this will be nostalgia for you too.

Linked here is every issue of this newsletter --some from a different newsletter service provider. I've done this in case anyone was interested, but mostly so I can have a place to look back on next year. :)

But before I do that, here are some bullet points (in roughly the order that they happened).

  • Got fired from (what I thought was) my dream-job

  • Started my own brand/business

  • Sold some t-shirts

  • Moved to Texas (from Arizona)

  • Got a job as an account manager for a tech staffing agency

  • Built two websites

  • Created a business model

  • Added my first clients to my year-round roster

  • Went on tour

  • Directed 16 basketball camps

  • Designed 2 of them

  • Joined a startup

  • Negotiated a contract (realest adult thing I've ever done)

  • Mentored dozens

  • Coached hundreds

  • Made friends with strangers

  • Restructured my business model (it's not done yet)

  • Rediscovered my confidence (also not done yet)

  • Interviewed with another startup that sought me out--first time I've ever experienced this

  • Had the audacity to believe I can do this shit

I was asked this question the other day:

"What do you see Shooters Shoot growing into in the next 5 years?"

I jokingly said "I don't know, at this point, probably a restaurant." LOL

We spend a lot of time thinking about outcomes, when really we don't actually know which outcome is the best possible one for us.

This year, I've learned to develop a relationship with uncertainty.
I've learned to follow the path--the why. And that is enough for me.

I can live with direction, even if I don't know the destination.

And in doing that, what an adventure this has been. :)

I'll be taking next Friday off for the holidays.

And by the following Friday, I should have some huge news to share about this next chapter.

Until then,

Keep shooting.

Law of averages says the next one is going in. :)