Feb 19, 2023

About a week ago, an athlete in my Year-Round, 4-Day Intensive Program reached out:

We set up an extra meeting, and we talked through the things that were holding her back.

Most of it came down to limiting beliefs.

These are the ones that we so often grab onto for safety... because if we believe that we're limited, we can fail and say it's not our fault.

We went deep, and we found that there were four major beliefs that she was clinging onto--NONE of which were true.

"I don't belong here."

"I'm not a good shooter"

"Why should anyone believe in me?"

"What if I fail?"

We circled back to this timely reminder:

Just because you believe something once, doesn't make it true.

(For example: The Easter Bunny, Santa, Good Refs, etc.)

We put our lawyer caps on and made a case against each one of them. We were able to easily combat these beliefs with objective truths.

"If I didn't belong here, I wouldn't be here. I got recruited."

"I get shots up all the time, and I make shots all the time, I've just been missing them lately. Steph Curry went 0-24 to start last season. Law of averages."

"I do the work. I show up. I trust myself to keep doing that. We make mistakes of the mind all of the time. Not all beliefs that our mind comes up with are true."

"What if I do fail? Good! Failure is inevitable. And progress is only made through making mistakes. I would regret not going for it more than failing at it."

We ended the call with what felt like a real, physical weight lifted from her--from both of us.

And I got this text a few days later. :)

This... THIS is what we carry inside of the word "Coach".

We are here to create:

1) badass, happy, fulfilled HUMANS, first and foremost, and

2) ones who just-so-happen to be absurdly good at basketball.

If we can achieve step one... step two will be significantly more likely to follow suit.

And still, a huge problem exists--as you can read in her first message...

most athletes feel like they have no one to help talk them through these complicated emotions.

Sure, they've got their parents, their coaches, their trainers, their friends... but the thing that is missing in all of this is a mentor.

Someone who has not only been there before, but is qualified to help the next generation keep fighting through the hard stuff.

Things like:

the fear of failure,

finding a why,

dealing with doubt,

handling difficult teammates,

handling difficult coaches,

believing in themselves,

getting comfortable with the audacity it takes to keep going.

These are arguably the most important factors that can shape a young human in this space.

We need to own that.

Basketball is just the medium.

And this is the gap I plan to fill.

At the beginning of next month, I'll be opening up a FREE mentorship community to any athlete that wants to join.

I've outline the details below. :)

The Shooters Shoot Roster - A Mentorship Community

Inside, each athlete will have access to:

1) A Community

There will be places for workouts, highlights, reporting daily wins, film breakdowns, and extra (optional) assignment ideas that I will help them build, and that can be submitted with their college applications.

They'll be able to hype each other up, and be an ear for their peers who are going through the same things. And they'll be incentivized to do so with leaderboards and rewards for the athletes that stay active in the community.

2) Classroom Material

Athletes will have access to shooting courses and workouts I've spent the last two years developing.

They'll be able to sift through film breakdowns on over 100+ shooters to train their eye for their own shot, and even more material will be added in the near future.

and my favorite part...

3) Live Weekly Meetings

This is where we will cover the things that school tends to miss.

The confidence pieces, nutrition, sport psychology, recruiting tips, and more. I'm bringing in therapists, sport psychologists, life coaches, professional athletes, and I've even got one special guest that is lowkey famous and ready to pour in. :)

Every question will be answered with truth and with love, and every week will help them grow into the happy, healthy, authentic version of themselves that we all wish for them to reach.

I have consistently said that I don't just want to train athletes once and never see them again. I want to invest in their growth--on and off the court.

I can't wait to get started. :) But I am still putting some final touches on!

Stay tuned for more information--I'll be sending out a few more emails than we're used to in the coming weeks.

The pins on that map are not the places we've been, but the places we've inspired others to go.

Shooters shoot,