Mar 12, 2023

I knew when I started this thing that I was going to have to build a team.

I've been on this journey as a mentor by myself for nearly three years now, and overwhelmingly, the athletes I've worked with haven't just seen gains in shooting--but we've worked just as hard on the way they view themselves.

There is nothing more important than teaching young people how meaningful it is to approach difficult emotions not with fear, but with an openness to accept and move forward.

This is a skill,--one that most of us do not innately have.

Like shooting.

I needed to find the people who believed in this cause as ardently as I did. I've been lucky in that the demand has called for it.

And I can say without a DOUBT in my mind, because of how very naturally it happened for each of us, separately... this is exactly the right team for this job.

I'd like for you to meet the people that will be pouring into the athletes who find themselves on The Roster.

Simone Deloach - Licensed Therapist & Life Coach

This incredible human being right here has been my best friend for 15 years. WOW. In our younger year, Simone played DI basketball at Indiana University. And I've seen her fight tooth-and-nail through every hard thing a basketball player could've gone through, and she's done it with a level of grace and compassion that few of us will ever reach. Now, a licensed therapist and life coach, you can read more about Simone's professional background here.

Rob Gardner - Spiritual Life Coach

When I first met Rob, I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life. We were working a basketball camp together, and despite the grueling hours on our feet, we connected deeply over what it means to vulnerably grow on this journey to find our truest selves. In a full-circle moment, I believe that meeting Rob was the spark that ignited this entire endeavor. You can read more about Rob here. (And because who doesn't love smiling, here's a video of Rob's story that ESPN picked up from his time at Vanderbilt!)

Cassie Breen - WBBL Pro - London Lions

Cassie is the first human I have ever met who thinks about shooting as deeply as I do. The way it can shape you into the best version of yourself through mastery, slumps, and believing through them. Cassie has worked with professional sport psychologists in honing not only her edge, but her understanding of the mind--and how we can use it to improve our performance and our lives. You can read more about Cassie from this fantastic interview piece from OnlyHuman.

Isaiah Dahl - Sniper - NWAC

Before I even met Isaiah, he was described to me as "the best shooter at a college/pro combo session". That is a reputation that he has certainly upheld. The youngest of our mentors, Zay has an approach to shooting, thinking, and overcoming that is well beyond his years. About once a week, I receive a text of being from Zay--things that I know shooters everywhere are feeling too, but are maybe unable to verbalize. (One of those texts was an incredibly astute subject for our first post in The Roster community!) You can learn more about Isaiah and his journey through following his podcast, "Shooter" on Spotify.

BriAnna Garza - Founder & Shooting Coach

You all know me. Short version: I've made it my business to teach people how to shoot and how to believe in themselves. So far, it's been working out pretty well. :)

Cheers to dropping dimes and changing lives, my friends.

Back on the **shooting coach** side tomorrow.

I'll be sharing the details on the first-ever Live-Stream training that I'll be doing this weekend.

On Saturday AND Sunday.

For 9 hours.

On both days.

So that everybody who wants to, can make it. :)

Feel free to tune in and leave a note!

Be back with the deets tomorrow.