Jun 1, 2022

Happy Fire Friday, 🔥

Right now, I'm sipping a spicy bloody mary and sitting at a bar in the Austin airport awaiting my next adventure. :)

I just wrapped up a 4-Day Shooting Intensive with an athlete named Emerson, who made HUGE gains in range, accuracy, and confidence.

All kids are spongy, but Em was consistently able to apply feedback like a computer. I'm excited to watch her grow into her frame, herself, and--most importantly-- her self-belief.

The model that I've developed for shooting is more than just teaching athletes to become better shooters. I created this with the intention of being different. Of putting an (arguably over-the-top) emphasis on the mental side of development. And I don't mean that in a cliche' sport psychology type of way. I mean in a growing up and being emotionally and mentally prepared... practiced, for the inevitable slumps that we all experience.

The thing that bonds humans--the collective understanding of struggle, and how to overcome--is, in my opinion, the most important thing we can do to shape our youth. Emerson and I (and her family) took steps forward in this preparation, and at the end of it all, we agreed that the root comes down to one thing:

The audacity it takes to believe in yourself. 

Forming beliefs about ourselves requires evidence. And it is evidence that every single person on this planet has.

No one was born with a fixed mindset. 

When we were babies learning how to walk, we fell TONS of times... but remaining on the floor was not our instinct.

Our natural instinct is to overcome.

At some point, our social development began to mold us into believing otherwise... and I'm here to PUNCH YOU IN YOUR MOUTH. 

There is evidence all around you!! All it takes is giving yourself a reminder.

When's the last time you were let down?

When something didn't go the way you'd planned?

When your heart was broken or your spirit was crushed?

Find that moment. Meditate on it. 

And my goodness, look at you now!!! 

You kept it moving!

You've continued to put one foot in front of the other. 

There... that right there is your evidence.

If we were meant to remain down, you would still be down.

Maybe you're not where you want to be yet, but are any of us?

Each time you go through something hard, you're not defeated.

You're not lesser.

You're not beaten.

You're just adding one badass chapter to the book of struggle that we're all writing together.

One that shares stories of grit.

Of resilience.

Of simply making the hard choices that keep us moving forward.

And what a good book this is. :)

This is my mission with Shooters Shoot. I don't just want to leave my mark on the game, I want to leave a mark on the world.

I want everyone I touch to take the hard things that they've already endured and use them as evidence for forward progress.

Here's my challenge to you, should you choose to accept it:

Be audacious.

Believe in yourself because that's what were were built to do.

Share your story of overcoming!!

Share it with me!

Keep it. Read it. Read it again.

This is your evidence and it is the most powerful thing that you already posses.

Cheers to the shared battle on the road to infinity. 

Next week, I'm headed to LA for a little balance and a big meeting (hint*hint*).

Can't wait to finally share that secret with you all next week. 😉

Until then. :)

Shooters Shoot,