Jul 1, 2022

Happy Fire Friday, 🔥

It's day 78 of 190 on this tour, and.... it's Saturday morning. 😬

Yesterday, I wrapped up a PGC session in Chicago at 2pm, shook some hands and kissed some babies until about 2:10pm, hopped in a Lyft at 2:11pm, made it to the airport by 2:39pm, and reached my gate on the other side of the Chicago O'Hare universe at about 3:15 just in time to board my 3:50pm flight to LA. 

I did absolutely none of the work I was planning to do on the airplane. LOL

Instead, I paid an exorbitant amount (read $10) for a Tapas Snack box (that included a slightly bigger bag of pretzels & almonds than the free ones and some knock-off pita chips) and then proceeded to watch the Deathly Hallows pt. 2. 

Once I landed at about 6:15pm, I made it to where I'm staying and preceded to both crash and burn, lol.

I woke up this morning a bit disappointed in myself for missing my Friday deadline, but glad that I listened to my body for the rest it needed. :)

All of that said, we're pivoting this week into Super Saturday 🔥 lol

Since I last shared "An Origin Story" with this audience, approximately 100 new subscribers have joined this newsletter! LET'S GO!

So, I wanted to share this story again for two reasons:

1) To give my new subscribers a look into how exactly Shooters Shoot came to be.

2) Because a day of rest like this calls for some copy-and-paste action.

Letting the work work for me today, and I hope that if it's the second time you're reading this, it's still just as good of a story. :) 

An Origin Story (Resend: 4/1/22)

I've never shared this with anyone before.

It was 103 degrees at 11pm on a Thursday in August. I was sitting outside on my front porch in Phoenix, AZ when the idea hit.

It had been a particularly long day of training, and as I going in and out of meditation and reflection on the day… it came from the same place I believe all great revelations come from.

It was the culmination of years of experiences, hours of thinking, and the nerve to trust inspiration.

It hit me like a Mack truck—but to understand it fully, you’ve got to stick with me for this one.

This is a story of empowering women, the Fibonacci Sequence, and Shooters Shoot.

A week or so before my moment of revelation, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe, and Diana Taurasi at a dinner that, by some stroke of luck (or perhaps the universe), I got invited to.

Of the many wonderful (and hilarious) things we talked about that night, women’s empowerment was not a “topic” of conversation, per say. But it was something that existed in that room.

It was inside of every sentence.

It sang its’ song with every laugh.

It shared its cadence in every story.

I’d always had a place in my heart that yearned to work for something that was bigger than me—something that carried on the fight for women that many before me have carried themselves.

And when I left that evening, I left with a purpose larger than the one I walked in with.

This is the moment I decided whatever it was that was brewing inside of me, it was going to speak to that purpose.

To instill that fight and that feeling in as many women, young and old, as I could.

Now… let’s dig back a little deeper.

When I was in grad school, I developed what some would call an obsession with the Fibonacci Sequence.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Fibonacci Sequence, it goes like this:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… etc.

It’s simple and “sacred” math-- starting at zero, adding one, and then repeatedly adding the previous number in the sequence to infinitum.

We see the Fibonacci Sequence literally EVERYWHERE. If you’ve got access to a flower near you, count the pedals—the overwhelming chances are, that number will fall somewhere on the Fibonacci Sequence.Same thing with the small pieces that make up the spirals in pinecones, pineapples, the pistils of flowers, and the number of branches on a tree. It’s crazy cool—and you can check out more about that here, if you’d like.

But here’s the even CRAZIER part (gosh I’m like sweating writing this rn). 

If you divide all of the Fibonacci numbers (ex: 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13, etc.), you eventually make it to one number: 1.618… otherwise known as the Perfect Ratio, which I’ve left pictured in visual form below. (Sometimes known as the “Golden Ratio”, or the “Divine Proportion”).

I’ll save you too much of a math lesson, but just know, the Perfect Ratio is what artists, architects, and nature has used to make sense of the world. Some places where we see the Perfect Ratio:

Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”.
The proportion of the human body.
Leonardo DaVinci’s “The Mona Lisa”.
The architecture of Ancient Greece.
Hokusai’s “The Great Wave”.
The dimensions of a rose.

The Perfect Ratio represents balance at the very core of nature, of design, of creation, of mind, and of art.

Alright, so I hope you’re still with me because this is the good part.

The mathematical symbol for the Perfect Ratio is called “Phi”, which is pictured below.


Look familiar? No?
What if you added another?

Still nothing? Okay. How about if you turn them on their sides and chop off the ends?

This. This is the origin of Shooters Shoot.

It’s a marriage of the two ideas that spoke most deeply to me.

The makeup of a shooter at the very core can be described as the Perfect Ratio between mind, body, power, and accuracy.


You cannot achieve mastery in shooting if either of these elements are unbalanced.

This is foundation upon which I developed my curriculum.

It’s math.
It’s nature.
It’s science.
It’s art.
It’s mind.
It’s empowerment.
It’s mastery.
It’s been eight months since that day in August, and a lot of things have changed for me.

I’ve built a brand around this.

I’ve used it donate to causes that support women’s empowerment.

I’ve scheduled my first intensives.

I’ve secured my first clinic.

I’ve started a newsletter.

I’ve created a YouTube channel.

I’ve found a purpose.

If you think you’re not just a thought, a meditation, a moment away from your own revelation… you’re wrong.

Keep thinking.

Keep pushing.

Keep the faith.

And as always…

Keep shooting.

(Back to present-day Saturday - 7/30/22)

Tomorrow morning I'll take the train to Lancaster, CA where my hosts will scoop me up and take me to the small town of Tehachapi, CA. This is where we'll be holding the second-ever ShootersxShoot: Shooting and Finishing Clinic and the FIRST ever ShootersxShoot Coaching Clinic!! 

Big things coming. :) Excited for the journey!

I'll see you next Friday. 🔥

Shooters Shoot.