Sep 17, 2023

It's here.

It's happening.

Shooters Shoot will be the primary sponsor of TWO EVENTS at the Women's Final Four this season.

And you guys are the first ones to know.

Event #1 - Changing The Game: The First-Ever Completely Female-Led Player Development Conference.

​The video below is the story of where this all came from.

It is raw, and unedited.

Give yourself seven uninterrupted minutes.

My Instagram audience will get something a little spicier, production-wise... but I figured most of yall have been with me for a few years now, so yall know who I am. :) Please don't share this publicly.

​So far, the women we have lined up are unbelievable.

Former Olympians, WNBA Champion Players, WNBA Champion Coaches, Biomechanics Experts, Movement Specialists, Sports Psychologists, Skill Specialists, and more.

We are approaching basketball from every school of thought possible.

We are curating an experience tailor-made for maximum value, networking, connection, and growth.

We are disrupting the current culture of toxic competition that exists between pro, college, high school and private sector player development coaches...

Instead, we're setting the standard of culture as one that is based in collaboration, cooperation, and collective growth.

For this email list ONLY, you have access to register early. TODAY. Everyone else will get access on the 15th.

Additionally, you can use the code: TheOGs for $50 off of any registration level. :) (I recommend Silver so we can all go to the mixer together!)

Prices will go up after October 15th, but that code will still apply -- not that any of you will wait that long. ;)

Thanks for building with me. I can't believe how far we've come.

Register Now


Event #2 - A 3pt Shootout.

We're looking for the best high school shooter in the country.

April 6th, and possibly 7th, 2024 (also at the Final Four)

Cost: $75

Winner takes home:

1) The title of "Best Shooter in the Country",

2) $3K grand prize (yes, we're doing a big check),

3) An NIL deal with Shooters Shoot LLC the moment they sign to play in college (at any level), and

4) A secret (but awesome) prize that ONLY the best shooter in the country will own. 😎

Still working on the website/backend stuff for this one. :)

Logistically, this thing has been a DOOZY to plan, lol--but I have some of the greatest minds (and friends) with me on the project.

We'll have an opening round of all participants... the top 64 will be invited back for the championship round.

We'll have vendors, a DJ, foodtrucks, guest appearances, the whole nine-yards. :)

I'll also offer yall a presale coupon on this event whenever we have the backend all set up.

Keep an eye out for updates.

It's going to be a ton of fun.


Cheers to your audacity, friends.

My hope is that I'm passing some of mine onto you. :)