Nov 15, 2023

I'm excited to announce the inaugural Shooters Shoot Certification Cohort!

This is something I've been building over the last year.

My goal is to leave coaches better than I found them.

To teach them how to have the eye, the understanding, and the methods to solve the madness.

This isn’t an online course.

In fact, it will closely resemble a college course.

It will require you to work with one athlete over four weeks.

I suggest it be one that wants it the most—no matter what level they are at right now.

You will film yourself, and you will receive feedback on your coaching from both me and your peers.

You will not receive the certification credentials until your athlete reaches 70% or better in a filmed round of 50 attempts.

And we will celebrate it together. :)

There will be homework.

It will be challenging.

But it is my promise to you that you will come out of this experience as a teacher of shooting, not just a guesser.

You’ll join a community of like-minded coaches at the middle school, high school, college, and pro levels who understand that everything is easier when your athletes can shoot.

And you'll have access to that community forever.

Enrollment will open November 21st.

Classes begin November 26th.

Here's a look at the syllabus (with some personal comments from me to myself on a couple of things I'm still wrapping up lol)

Inside, there's a walkthrough of what coaches will have access as members of the Cohort.

As a reminder --- I am only taking on 8 coaches per cohort.

If you're interested, please click here to sign up for the waitlist, and you'll be the first to be notified when enrollment opens.

You'll also have a bonus sneak peek at The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool -- only subscribers are getting this opportunity.

I will be back in touch with more details in the coming days. :)

Mark your calendars.