Jan 15, 2023

One of the most common problems I see in shooters is something I was never taught...

It's the idea of our LEVER.

Our LEVER is the part of your arm that is connected to your shoulder.

Imagine a clock hand moving counter clockwise.

Your shoulder is the middle/dial. Your lever is the minute hand. (Your elbow is at the end of the minute hand.)

Here's what that looks like:

LEVER continues up for higher release point.

Notice how the elbow continues UP rather than pushing out about halfway up? Ideally we get to 1 o'clock (or 11 o'clock if we're going *the other way*) as we extend for release!

Most athletes stop moving the LEVER up as soon as it gets even with the shoulder, at 3 o'clock... which causes that push OUT. (See below.)

This is the difference between *binking* shots off the back of the rim and actually hitting a BRAD (Back Rim And Down).

This a really specific answer to a really specific problem.

Every shooter is different.

They ALL have different needs.

I've spent the last 6 months creating an entire LIBRARY of shooting exercises that help correct things like the LEVER, and it's exclusively held on the Boosta Training App.

And let me be bold real quick---

I dare say that training online with me will be vastly different than training online with anyone else.


Because where most online programs are just organized videos that the athlete is expected to complete and figure out by themselves... without really knowing if they're getting the details right...

Boosta is a tool that requires me and my team to provide video feedback to each athlete in order to give MAX value to each shooter (and to clear it from our inbox, lol).

Right now, TODAY, I'm offering the recipients of this newsletter FREE access to Boosta for 7 days -- no commitment required. :)

This is a way for me to train you from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are!

After you download the Boosta Training App... you can click below for your 7 DAYS OF FREE PRIVATE ACCESS to my channel.

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If you're interested in a Custom Workout Plan based on your athlete's specific needs as a shooter... I can help you there, too. :)

Find out more about what that looks like (and the requirements that go along with it) here.

Custom Plan Information

One athlete that we customized workouts for was able to rid herself COMPLETELY of knee pain due to compromised foot placement.

Basketball is a universe ever-expanding.

If you've got an athlete that's learning how to shoot--I can't think of a better (or more frugal) way to get them expert shot-training than with Boosta.

Hope that my team and I see a few more smiling faces and made buckets in our inbox this week. :)

Shooters Shoot,