Aug 6, 2023

Currently sitting at a coffee shop in Bigfork, Montana.

It's been a long time since I've caught everyone up on all of the things because I've been in the middle of doing all of the things.

I've just wrapped up my 2023 Summer Sprint, and some highlights were:

Running our first-annual Elite Retreat.

It was so impactful that it is hard to put into words. We had the privilege of coaching 12 elite players from all around the country, and they KILT it.

We had 3-a-days.

We fought for our culture and for each other every day.

We got to see Diana Taurasi score 10K points.

And I learned that there are fewer things more joyful than a van full of 15-year-old girls belting Bruno Mars at the top of their lungs. LOL.

We had a documentary crew there... and they're working around the clock to churn out some content. Stay tuned on Instagram over the next few weeks - it's going to be epic.

Delivering my first keynote at a Player Development conference (and what came from it)

I'm still hounding the organizers for video of it... but just know, your girl came prepared and *self-love-voice* I NAILED THAT SHIT!!

There were three other speakers that I connected deeply with... Phil Handy (Lakers), Gannon Baker (Legend), and Rob Fodor (Miami Heat). These men have become great friends and mentors of mine, and I can't believe I even got to be in that room with them... much less on the same stage.

After the conference, Phil asked me to work his Elite Girls Camp at the Mamba Academy with him and Gannon. This was something he and Kobe dreamed up together... and I couldn't be more grateful for his trust, influence, and his commitment to pushing the women's game forward in the same way that Kobe would.

Finishing up another summer with PGC Basketball

There's no other place where I'd be able to teach basketball like this. The IQ, the skill development, the leadership, the life, the connection, the love, the impact.

This was my third year as a Director, and it's been my best year as a teacher by far. Over 5 days you really get to see athletes transform as players and as people right in front of your face.

In this role, I also have the absolute pleasure of working with many up-and-coming coaches as Basket Instructors. It provides me with really valuable reps at leading all types of personalities... and it's never dull. LOL my favorite quote from an instructor this summer who, lemme preface with this -- has an absolute heart of GOLD:

"Yo Coach B, I saw your stomach after that pork chop last night and you looked like you were good and ready for a nap!" LMAO WHAT DO YOU EVEN SAY TO THAT?!?!?!

If you're reading this and you or your athlete haven't attended a PGC Camp yet, I can't implore you enough to do so.

Last but not least (and a small takeaway that leads to big things)...

My Chief of Products, Jeremy, quit his full-time job to commit to build the clothing brand.

Which is who I'm sitting here in Montana with. We're creating processes, developing designs, and spending quality time.

Jeremy is one of my oldest friends--I was a groomslady in his wedding. :)

Last night, I shared the (short) story of both why I hired him, why I trust him, and why I have no doubt that he will build this thing to become as big as his vision for it:

Jeremy and I met at the Chili's in Decatur, TX, where he trained me as a bartender. He worked Tuesday/Thursday mornings, I worked Tuesday/Thursday nights.

Tuesdays are when the alcohol trucks deliver everything, and with Decatur being a small-town-oil-and-gas-bucking-bulls-rodeo-type of community, you can only imagine the sheer number of Coors Light longnecks in each shipment alone.

I had to fill in for Jeremy every once in a while, and restocking/organizing the walk-in beer cooler and the liquor cabinet was THE ABSOLUTE WORST. IT TOOK FOR.EVER.

You had to take ALL of the inventory out, stock the new shipment in the back of each row, and then put the old ones back in front so they get used first.

It doesn't sound like a lot... but it was an incredibly tedious and laborious task that sometimes took him an extra hour before he finally got to go home.

It would have been easy... and truthfully no one would've really known if he just put the beers in the cooler. They were going to get used anyway and the new ones chill quickly in a walk-in cooler.

But every. single. tuesday. I saw Jeremy make the harder choice because it set his teammates and the people we were serving up for a better experience. There was not one day where he did not completely own that role. NOT EVEN ONE!

How do I know Jeremy will star in this role (that has nothing to do with restocking beers)?

Because how you do anythingis how you do everything.

Cheers to the journey. :)

We've got big things coming... not just for the clothing brand.

I'm not ready to share any details just yet, but I will leave you with this:

I suggest you mark your calendars for the Women's Final Four, to be held in Cleveland, Ohio this April.​Shooters Shoot LLC will have a presence there.​A big one.​And we're doing it in a way that no one has ever done before.

Stay tuned. :)

Keep fighting the good fight.

Remind yourself to practice gratitude.

And go get buckets this season.

Now that summer is over, I'll be back around more often, I promise. :)

With love,