May 15, 2022

Happy Fire Friday, 🔥

I'm just here to help you get a grip.

Most of those following this newsletter have some sort of interest in shooting the basketball, so you've likely heard something like this before:

Keep two fingers of space between the ball and your palm when shooting, so that you can control the ball with your palm pads and fingertips.

The pictures below are extreme examples, but literally this is how people on the internet are saying you should hold the basketball when you shoot.

I stand here before you today with Diana, Steph, Dame, and Arike to say: That is absolute baloney.

If we want total control of something larger than our hand... something we're holding that we need to move with speed, power, and momentum---we generally don't want to be holding that thing with just our fingertips.

Take a baby, for example. (Not that I recommend babies be handled with speed, power, and momentum.)

We would never say, "Hey, make sure you're holding that baby with your fingertips so that you have better control."

I say, hold the basketball like you would hold a baby--not too tight, not too loose, and certainly not with two fingers of space in each palm. ;) 

Don't overcomplicate shooting, and it'll get easier for you. :)

Shooters Shoot,

I'll see you next Friday. 🔥