May 5, 2023

What you're about to read might be a little overwhelming... but I think in a good way.

The last time I checked in with all of you, I introduced The Roster: A Mentorship Community.

So far, we've had over 50 athletes join, and on our first two Sunday nights, we covered Shooting Slumps (and how to break out of them), and Game Nerves (where they come from, why we experience them, and how to ground ourselves to overcome).

I checked in with one of the athletes today, and she said that learning how to ground herself was already working both for her nerves, and for when she gets down on herself. Nothing like hearing something like that. :)

In other news... here are some cool things I've got to update you all on!

I gave a Team-Intensive model a test-run in Lake Tapps, WA, and it was AWESOME. I even Live-Streamed it for the parents (and the public), so they could watch their kids' sessions. That is my new favorite way to train I think. :)


I spent the first two weeks of February in Maine, dog-sitting a puppy named Gracie. Before I got there, I put out some feelers on Twitter to see if there were any coaches interested that I could serve in the north. (There were!) While in Maine:

  • I ran six team sessions and six individual sessions for Sanborn High School. I was impressed by the love in that gym, and I can't wait to see what they do with their new approach to shooting.

  • I was contacted by the Atlanta Skyhawks, and asked to come to one practice and two games against the Maine Celtics. ("UHM SURE, LEMME JUST CHECK MY SCHEDULE RIGHT QUICK" - me trying to play that cool.) After the one practice and each game, I grabbed dinner with the coach who reached out, Jimmie Oakman, and Steve Gansey--the longest-tenured head coach in the G-League. They were incredible humans, and we had a lot of laughs and warm conversation, despite the literal POLAR VORTEX of the century. (Read: -20 DEGREES)

  • I was interviewed by Morning Brew. They're doing a series called "Inside Jobs" on people with unique careers (will send an update when they release it). I offered the managing editor, Neal Freyman, a free Shot Breakdown, and still secretly hoping he follows through. (ba-dum, tss)

  • And last, but certainly not least... I was hired to be the Chief Operations Officer for Strata Athletics... and I'll be moving back to my roots. WHAT'S UP AUSTIN, TEXAS??? YOUR GIRL IS COMING HOME!!! Strata's ethos aligns so closely with mine, that despite taking on a significant workload... I'm still doing the thing that I love: building whole humans through this beautiful medium.

I'm writing this now from Florida, where I've spent most of the last week working on the balcony of my dear friend and mentor, Rob Gardner. Rob is a spiritual life coach, who will be taking the lead on the leadership/life curriculum for the Elite Retreat happening this summer in Scottsdale, AZ. We've spent time this past week hooping, creating, and narrowly avoiding 8ft gators on a kayak. (I wish I was kidding. I am now trauma-bonded to Rob.)

Today I created (but haven't released to the masses just yet) The Library. This is where I will house all of the shooting resources I've created and will create in the future. :) You all have first access.

This is also the first-ever release of my Power Generation Course!!!! This is the course I'm most proud of, and I really think it will serve coaches and athletes everywhere in a HUGE way. As a follower of this newsletter, I've created a discount code for 50% off. :) Use the code: ReadersRead at checkout!

This weekend, I'm off to Idaho Falls to run a Shooters Shoot Day Camp between several small-group sessions with some high-level playmakers in the area. And what luck... I'll be there just in time for Olive.

It's day 294 on the road.

And what a time it has been. :)

Chase your dreams.

It takes what it takes.