Feb 26, 2023

18 months ago, I was sitting on my front porch, sobbing.

I had just lost my dream job.

I felt helpless.

I experienced anxiety for the first time in my life.

It's crippling.

In a snap decision, I moved back to Texas and into a run-down apartment with a kitchen the size of a shoebox, and a roommate--who, two months in, adopted a very sweet dog named Bear, who was also a MENACE.

I ate ramen noodles and eggs almost exclusively for six months.

My bank account bounced from $40 to -$34 back to just enough to make rent before the cycle started all over again.

I really think that was the closest to the bottom I've ever been.

And the only way that I was able to fight my way out of it?

I had people in my corner.

Mentors, who reminded me who the FWORD I am.

Who helped me pull myself from that well of pity and emerge as something new.

There was a renaissance in me.

And hear me when I say this...

that I believe, down deep, in the truest parts of my soul... that everyone has this inside of them too.

We have been shaped to believe something else.

-That chasing dreams is a waste of time.

-It's better to be safe than to struggle.

-That you "just can't" do whatever it is you really wanna do because of the situation you're in right now.

And I will give you these hard truths, with love:

1) Those things are just easier to believe. This will not be.

2) You are never going to feel ready.

3) You will struggle, and at some point--you will fail.

So these--these are the facts of the situation.

Accept them and keep it moving.

The choice is simple. (Not to be confused with easy.)

It's a small version of the hardest choice you'll have to make in this life--one that you'll have to keep making for the rest of yours.

Keep going.

Today, I'm writing this from a stranger's house in White Salmon, Washington because I want to be a shooting coach more than I want to pay rent. LOL WHY AM I LIKE THIS IDEK.

I've signed up on an app called Trusted House Sitters, where I roll up and hang out with dogs while the owners are away. They get a free dog sitter, I get to stay for free. For now, I'm paying rent in the form of plane tickets to the next place I'll either be conducting, or looking for, business. :)

It's unorthodox, and objectively crazy.

Lol but it's allowed me to put my time, energy, and resources into building something much bigger than me.

It's been so. freaking. hard.

I've spent so much time on the computer that I would be totally fine if I never saw another one.

My neck is on strike from all the different pillows and beds.

I've worn the same outfits 73 times (each).

I am away from the people I love.

And it is all worth it.

If you've been following this journey with me from the beginning, I'm so grateful. I hope that it has been one that has inspired you to do hard things, to protect your joy, and to shoot more threes. :)

Over the next 10 days, I'll be introducing you to the team, providing sneak-peaks of course material, and laying out exactly what Shooters Shoot will look like, and offer, in the years to come.

Here's what you can expect:

Day 1 - The Shooters Shoot Roster

Day 2 - The Mentors

Day 3 - Live Stream Training

Day 4 - How to Teach (and Learn) Shooting

Day 5 - The Clothing Brand

Day 6 - Accuracy

Day 7 - 2023 Camps

Day 8 - Power Generation

Day 9 - Boosta

Day 10 - Balance

Inhale. Exhale.

Here we go.