Apr 3, 2022

I think this is where coaches struggle the most.

It's not that we can't see what should be adjusted in a shooter... it's that we don't quite know how to adjust it.

How much feedback should we give? For how many reps?

What should the player be thinking about? What shouldn't they?

There's a lot going on.

I think there are two places where online courses fail us. Let me cover them one at a time:

1) They only cover one perspective.

I've put together a course that covers me TEACHING someone else! In this case, a former pro SNIPER out of the WBBL's London Lions, who also happens to be a budding shooting coach. She brought so much value to this thing, it is insane.


2) The information is generally all bundled into one place, which promotes a binge-watch.

You know what kind of studying is almost guaranteed NOT to go into your long-term memory? Binge studying. (Show that one to the family procrastinator.)

So, this course will release in a sequence of emails delivered only to your inbox, once per day.

They're in bite-sized pieces, with the longest of them being ~12 minutes.

I don't only want you to remember, I want you to have time to apply your learnings.

So I encourage you to take your learnings straight to practice and hone your skills each day. :)

Here's a sneak peek of one of the modules:

I want you to know... I've put THOUSANDS of hours and reps into this.

I've broken down hundreds of shots from shooters ranging from ages 9-32.

And in this course, I'll address a TON:

-feedback scheduling based in motor behavior research

-common problems that I see come up in 70-80% of the shooters that I work with

-the psychology of teaching inward over outward

-and more.

For the next seven days, I'm offering the ENTIRE Teaching Methods course exclusively to my subscribers.

No one else will have access (yet).

Access the 7-Day Teaching Methods course here.

The better we teach, the more buckets they get.

Love it when everybody wins. :)

Shooters Shoot,