Feb 12, 2023

Hello from a beautiful Sunday morning in Wyoming!

This has been quite the week!

Exactly a week ago, I had the pleasure of running a day camp in Clackamas, Oregon alongside one of the best trainers I've ever met, Beth Mounier. If you're in the Portland-surrounding area, I highly recommend Beth for training on decision-making, live reads, high-level footwork, and really just about anything you could want in a mentor. She cares about athletes as deeply as I do--and you heard it here first: I have a feeling I'm going to end up working for Beth one day. Her schedule will fill up fast, so jump onto her website and book a strategy call with her. You won't regret it!

If your athlete attended that day-camp, I would love it if you filled out a quick survey for me here. Won't take more than two minutes!

This will help me continue to refine and grow this craft, and TWO survey-doers will be randomly picked and sent some free Shooters Shoot gear. :) Thanks in advance!This week, I came to Wyoming for a 4-Day Intensive with an athlete named Afton. Afton is 14-years old (going on 30), and on top of spending the first part of each session on refining her shot, we identified three major areas of her game to build in: transition reads, space creation off the dribble, and two of the most common ball-screen reads/reactions.

It's strange, I've found that when I train high-level male players, they instinctively mix it up with their footwork/finishes/how they get into different moves... whereas my female players tend to be just fine with doing the same thing over and over.

This is a call to my young ladies out there--GET CREATIVE. There are 100 different ways to make a right-handed layup or a mid-range jumper. Pride yourself on your ability to imagine the defense inside of each rep. It adds a level of focus (and exhaustion) to your workouts--but there lies the answer to the "I can make all the shots in practice, but not in games".

Engage your mind in practice in the same way it will be engaged in games--otherwise you're only getting half of the value you could be getting in your reps.

Next week, I'm heading to Utah to visit a friend, buckle down on building, and try my best to get heel-side and toe-side at least a couple times on the mountain.

I'm going to be sending an extra email this week--likely Wednesday--to give a full picture of what I've been building. I was planning on sharing it here today, but it's just a few tinkers away.

Just know, I believe that this will be the thing that fills the gap that currently exists in middle school and high school-aged training.

It's bigger than basketball--we've known that from the beginning.

This beginning will speak directly to that notion, and I can't wait to share it with all of you.

As tournaments are rolling and the second half of conference play gets started, remember to take a breath and enjoy the little things.

The feeling of running through the tunnel of teammates when your name gets called.

The high-fives and high-energy that is the makeup of the bench every player wants behind them.

The moment when the bench player gets minutes that may be their only ones at this level.

Double-down on protecting your joy.

We get to play basketball with our days. These are champagne problems, my friends. :)

Shooters Shoot,