Jun 11, 2023

What's up team??

We've officially accepted our first 3 athletes to the Elite Retreat, and I have some big news for them, and for those that get accepted as these next few weeks materialize...

We've hired a documentary team.

We did this with the intention for exposure of not just highlight reels... but the REAL stuff.

The intangibles.

The leadership.

The grit.

The things that athletes don't get to show coaches who show up to one game at a tournament full of 128 teams.

Based on our projections, this will expose players to an minimum audience of 600K people (and up to 14M people) throughout the next year.

This isn't an AAU exposure event.

It's been clear from the jump that I don't want this to be the same as any other experience that is offered.

I'm bringing in the best of the best in player development, life-coaching, and creating a culture of greatness, of love, and of joy.

It's important for coaches to get to see that side too.

A little about the documentary team:

Perry and his brother have been documenting for Nike, RedBull, Snapchat, Lululemon, and more for the last 8 years.

I met him through a mutual connection, we met for coffee, I told him about the event, and he was STOKED at the chance to be a part of it.

He saw the potential for exposure for the athletes in the same way I did.

We are sparing no expense to make sure the quality of the investment is paying significant dividends in returns.

As a reminder--here's the breakdown of the Elite Retreat, and how you can apply.

Most of our accepted athletes have come by referral, so please send this forward to the coaches, elite athletes, and parents of serious basketball players you know.

An overview:

July 31st - August 4th, I'll be hosting an exclusive retreat for incoming Sophomores and up (all girls) that are intending to play in college, or have already signed to do so.

I’m bringing together the best teachers of basketball, life, and culture that I know for an event that is the first of its kind.

5 days. 16 athletes. Shooting Science. Off-ball movement. Competition. Persistence. Audacity. Year-round Mentorship.
We’re looking for serious athletes who want to do the work, on the court and off.

You can upload film and apply for one of those 16 spots here -- I intend for it to be the highest level of basketball, personal, and emotional development that is currently offered anywhere.

I've also got JUST ONE of our 4-Day Immersive Shooting Experience clinics coming up, that have just a few spots left!

June 19th - 22nd - Tehachapi, CA

Keep getting buckets, my friends.