Jan 8, 2023

When I think back on my playing career, those were seriously some of the best years of my life.

There are so many memories that I think back on fondly-- hitting buzzer-beaters, beating the rival team, goofing off with teammates in the weight room and getting extra conditioning because of it. LOL

And.... they were also some of the most challenging. I was told I'd never play at the next level. I was treated unfairly by coaches, teammates, fans. I got injured.

And when I really stop to think about it... there is really so much for a young person to navigate in basketball.

-Skill development.

-Basketball IQ.









The list could go on...

I believe we're all born with a superpower. And that most people just don't take the time lean in and find out what theirs is.

In the same way that some are born with innate talent or athleticism (both superpowers that many of us wish we had), I was born with absolutely annoying serial self-belief.

When adversity has hit (and trust me, it has), I naturally found a way to cry and let myself be sad at first, but follow that up with a shoulder-shrug and a decision to prove myself right.

But here's the thing. Where you can't teach athleticism (trust me, I did everything I could to "learn" that)...

no matter the number of squats and lunges you do... there is simply no changing the fact that your body is built the way it is.

But the mind is the most malleable thing about us.

Beliefs are not the same. No matter what they are, no matter how deeply they initially may be held, beliefs can be changed.

You just have to want to change them. You have to be willing to get reps at it, just like you're willing to get reps at anything else.

You have to be willing to stare Fear in its ugly face and just have a conversation with it about your limiting beliefs and why you hold them. And you have to fight the good fight to rid yourself of them.

I want to be the catalyst. I want to be the guide. I want athletes to reach their true potential in basketball... but more importantly in their own mind.

In order to be a great shooter, or to believe that you're capable of achieving great things, your mind must get there first.

You must fight tooth and nail to believe that thing about yourself.

It takes audacity.

It takes a support system.

It takes an intense willingness to reframe everything.

This is my vision for Shooters Shoot.

Basketball aside--imagine if we could instill a relentless self-belief into our athletes?

If we could teach them how to be happy, fulfilled people, no matter where they are at in their journey.

If we could help them remove the self-judgement and the judgement of others that results in nothing but darkness.

When basketball ends, just imgaine what they could accomplish with practicing this frame of mind.

Don't get me wrong. This is no easy feat.

It takes commitment.

It will involve a level of vulnerability that we tend to fear instead of leaning into.

It takes work. Years of it.

But what if there was a way to begin this process of reframing, with a support system of like-minded people at the same age and stage?

What if we could kickstart that journey to self-love that we spend our whole lives trying to reach anyway?

This is the mission.

After a very candid conversation with my business coach, I have decided to make this mission an actual thing.

And we're going to do it this summer.

Welcome to the first-ever look at the:

Shooters Shoot Elite Retreat

Who is it for? We will only take 16 female athletes who are incoming sophmores and up. **Must already be signed to play college basketball OR intend to get signed in the near future**.

Who will be leading it? Myself, along with a dear friend, former Division I player, and certified Spiritual Life Coach, Robert Gardner. You can read more about Rob here.

Where will it be held? Scottsdale, Arizona. I have already purchased a week-long stay at a large AirBnB.

When is it happening? Athletes will arrive on Monday, July 31st, and depart on Friday, August 4th.

What will it look like? A 5-Day Retreat.


3pm-5pm: Players arrive

6pm-7pm: Dinner and first Life-Coaching/Leadership Classroom led by Rob

7pm-8pm: Team building session, set expectations/Goals for the week

8:30pm: Phones taken for the night

Tuesday - Thursday:

6am: Breakfast club (Hike, Team-Building/Conditioning)

7:30am: Three athletes per day (alongside me and Rob) will make breakfast for the whole team. There will vote at end of week who made the best breakfast for that year’s “Chef Curry with the Pot” award

8:30am: Team clean-up

9am-10am: Classroom/Write Workouts with a partner. 200-rep minimum. Partners will provide guided (but TOUGH) defense for each other, and we will measure everything

10:30am-12:30pm: Mid-morning partner shooting workout/off-ball movement training

12:30pm-2pm: Lunch, Staff Meeting, Rest/Recovery/Rehab time

2pm-4:30pm: Afternoon film study, off-ball movement training/controlled 3v3 and 5v5 pickup games

5pm-6pm: Team Dinner and daily debrief

6pm-7pm: Life Coaching/Leadership Classroom led by Rob

7pm-8:30pm: Clean-up/Pool/Free-time

8:30pm: Phones taken for the night


7am-8am: Last group cooks breakfast

8am-9am: Breakfast

9am-10am: Final Classroom

10am-12pm: Individual Meetings - Goals/Direction/Preparation

12pm: Chef Curry With The Pot award ceremony/Athlete Departure

This is the biggest endeavor I've ever dreamed up.

I run large basketball camps, and I LOVE every moment of them... but they are not what I really want to do.

I want to provide something different. Something deeper.

A mentorship experience that is personal in all forms of the word.

This is something that I believe in.

This is what drives me.

And if this sounds like a fit for you, your daughter, or your player... I personally invite you to set up an application call with me. (I released this to a smaller group of athletes first, and so far I've got 6 interviews set up.)

I wanted to give you all, as followers of this newsletter, the opportunity to apply before I release this to the masses on December 14th.

Apply here.

Basketball is the perfect medium to teach something so much bigger.

I can't believe this is just the beginning.

I'll be providing updates in the coming weeks. :)

Until then, I'm so grateful for this community, and all you have helped me build.

I'll see you next Friday,