Jan 22, 2023

Those that have been following me on this journey will know that I have just concluded a 200-day teaching tour of the US (with a bonus trip to Canada). I did some math… and this is crazy:

39,657 miles.

17 states.

1,146 athletes.

14 clinics.

5 intensives.

143,563,235,685,124 hours of film study and prep. LOL

And an infinite number of memories made.

Some personal highlights:

In the last 200 days, I conquered imposter syndrome.

I proved (to myself) that I can do this thing on my own.

I ran my first camp by myself.

I added 7 athletes to my year-round Shooters Shoot roster.

I joined an incredible startup.

I became a storyteller.

I seized the opportunity to impact.

I trained WNBA players.

I taught shooting.

I learned more.

I am a better shooting coach today than I was 200 days ago.

And we ain’t done yet!!!!!!!!

Amid building something bigger than yourself… it is easy to get lost.

When you’re so close to what you’re doing—so driven by the craft—we sometimes forget to zoom out.

I wanted to share a series of messages that I’ve received throughout the last 200 days.

These were the small sentences that served as timely reminders of my why. And I am so lucky to be on this hard ass journey.

You don’t have to read through all of them—but I did.

And you have no idea how much these little notes can mean when it feels like the days are running together.

And with every message came a nudge further into my purpose--teaching happiness through the medium of shooting.

Stay tuned. 😊

We’re about to turn the heat ALL the way up this summer—and there’s a chance I’ll be running a Shooters Shoot Clinic near you.

Be back with more details next week!

Cheers to the journey.

It’s just the beginning.