Mar 26, 2023

It is **possible** to make huge gains in shooting while in a team training.

And it takes a certain level of focus and willingness to tune out the people around you and look inward.

I often challenge athletes to study themselves deeply--likely in a way that they haven't done before.

And for the ones that can block out all of the commotion around them, it is a chance to make gains while having a free rebounder.

BUT. How can we level-up from **possible**?

You know where it is **DANG-NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE-NOT-TO** make gains in shooting?

Individual or semi-individual training.

And the hard truth is... it is impossible to reach everyone on that level.

So how do we merry the two needs?

How can we serve the group as a whole, while also accounting for the incredible variability that exists across shooters?

I think I've found the way.

I've created a Team Clinic model that is... unorthodox in three ways:

1) It is a group-based classroom, but an individual-based training model.

2) All athletes get 90 days of free access to the Committed Tier of The Roster, to keep receiving support and mentorship.

3) It includes 30 days of expert shot feedback on the Boosta Training App--so that the gains we make don't go away as soon as I do.

Here's a deeper Breakdown

ALL of this being said...

I'm giving this model my first test-run with a team out in Lake Tapps, Washington this weekend.

January 28 (Sat) & 29 (Sun)

From 8am - 6:30pm.

And I'm Live-Streaming all of it.

You'll be able to access the Live-Stream here. :)

Reminders are best given before they are needed... so if you want me to shoot you some reminder emails this weekend--click here. :)

The live-stream is free, but I've left it open to "pay what you want" in case someone wanted to buy me a coffee or something. Your girl is tired.

Feel free to give shoutouts when you're on the stream, and I'll see yall this weekend!


I'm launching my first online course--by popular demand:

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See you tomorrow,